The Power of part-time specialists…

Many small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) are discovering the most reliable and economical way to increase market share and sales; it’s the power of engaging a part-time Sales and/or Marketing Director. This is the most efficient way to set up, manage and implement a strategic plan that will change the course of the business to achieve growth.

The right experienced, high calibre ‘freelancer’ can open opportunities for an SME that once were only available for large corporates. Engaging the right individual (someone with the necessary experience and cultural fit) ensures your company will gain top-level exposure and engagement when it comes to innovative marketing and sales strategies.

Not a consultant and not part of any agency, your freelancer is a part-time member of your management team with accountabilities and ownership of goals and outcomes.

Here’s a few examples of what our part-time specialists achieve with SME’s:

Qualified Leads: Through various brand messages, communication channels and Calls to Action (CTA’s); leads are generated and nurtured through sales and marketing management.

Growth in Sales: What businesses need for continual growth. In some cases, the increased sales are a result of effective consumer marketing and sometimes the result of Sales people converting qualified leads.

Increased Brand Awareness: The first step to generating qualified leads or driving sales. This involves effective brand definition, creating the right message to suit the target market and persona and implementing the right communication channels.

Effective Capabilities: To manage, execute and gain results; an SME needs the necessary strategy, systems, style, skills and structure to grow the business.

The Best Communication Channels: Channels such as direct mail, broadcast media, PR, Print Advertising, Outdoor, Content Marketing and many more are all effective in their rightful setting. The art is to achieving results by taking the right message to the right persona through the relevant channels at the right frequency.

Deliver a Breakthrough: The beauty of Marketing Director Centre is that we deliver a specific IP and help clients ‘change the record’. With a dedicated and accountable Part-time Sales or Marketing Director, your business can break free of the rut (limited time, resources and/or loss of direction). We are committed to helping your business change tack, improve on all fronts and your part time specialist will stay with you until you see the results.

Our business is leading the way in the sharing model, with our top-flight Chief Marketing and/or Sales and Finance Officers working as ‘freelancers’ within small to medium Australian businesses. We are a team of Australia’s leading specialists, who have a great deal of Sales and Marketing experience, who favour our model’s flexibility, the challenge it brings and the client variation. Moreover, our experts like that they are responsible for outcomes, not just for strategy or advice.

For now, if any of this is of interest and you would like to talk to us about how your business can breakthrough to the next stage, then please get in touch. We are helping literally hundreds of businesses around Australia get the growth they want.

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Written by Tony Collett and Rebekah Butler

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