We recently had meetings with a client who told us the only approach to their marketing would be using digital channels. Nothing else would be considered. I was specifically called into a presentation from a team of our marketing directors, to try to help shift our clients thinking. After all, that is what we are paid for in spite of it being unpleasant from time to time.

But they were adamant. Their entire marketing was to be digital, and nothing else would be considered.

If you think that’s uncommon, then think again. It is a story we consistently hear. We walk into meetings all around the country, have barely sat down to our cuppa tea, when we are told what the strategy should be – Facebook. That’s our strategy, Facebook so can you help us setup our Facebook page and we’ll manage it from there thanks. Some of the companies are reasonably sized.

In ten years time, I wonder if we will look back and see missed opportunities all around us. In an upcoming post I will cite an example of one of the country’s largest retailers who found huge and gaping opportunities (cheaply too I might add) using other media channels, with much greater effect. They are all around us (opportunities) and Facebook (or Instagram or….) is just one of many media channels that should be considered in your strategy. Before that time though, there is a great deal of foundation work to be done.

Consider for example our client who adopts the “digital only” strategy. I wonder how many businesses you can name who use television advertising as a channel to promote their websites? Virtually every financial services company you can name I would say. Only last week driving through Sydney, I saw a fantastic, creative billboard campaign that I remembered all the way home until I could get to the company’s website.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting for a moment that you ignore Facebook or LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy, and for some businesses it should be a vital component. But the continual jamming of electronic highways has left us some great prospects in other areas. I rarely see any creative marketing mailers coming through to my desk anymore, and telemarketing from other businesses has all but died off – and, we haven’t even talked about the more critical components of marketing.

Look around for all the opportunities that fit your business.

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