Whenever I read articles (or rather, skim through the headlines) of Daily Mail or a similar online rag, or I pass a newsstand and see the glossies – the headlines are always sensationalised. NIC WEARS NUDE DRESS TO OSCARS, instead of Nicole Kidman merely wearing a flesh coloured dress bedazzled with sequins and fully lined, by the way, on the Oscar’s red carpet, along with hundreds of other actresses wearing far more revealing outfits. Beyoncé isn’t just expecting twins, BEY’S DOUBLING HER EMPIRE!!

And, it’s not just the headlines that are sensationalised. The articles that follow are often full of sensational claims – Nicole Kidman is never just an actress starring in the movie Lion; she’s drawing on her experiences of mothering her own adopted kids whom tragically she doesn’t see anymore and who are potentially going off the rails.

When it comes to marketing, we need to ensure that we don’t fall into the trap of “sensationalising” claims and facts just to get attention. There’s a definite line between making inaccurate (and sometimes outrageous) claims and promises about your products/services, and articulating what’s unique or different about your business.

In a world where everything flashes, pings and shouts for attention the challenge is to make your brand/product/service stand out from all the noise. The way to do this is to find what is truly unique about your business and highlight that. Headlines and “creative” marketing copy will certainly get you attention, but if your brand/product/service can’t deliver then you’ve dug a hole for yourself because you’ll lose more than customers… you may lose your reputation.

The next time you review or develop any marketing copy or materials for your business – make sure that you can back up all the claims made. Showcase how fabulous you think your business is, but ensure that you’re promoting the real value of doing business with you.

As marketers, we’re well aware of our innate tendency to make everything sound better than it is, but we need to ensure that while making claims about our clients’ brand and business we stick to the facts… and find a way to make them appear exciting!

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