My wife and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and I’m sure you’ll forgive me this indulgence as I focus on what has seen us through the last 25 years and beyond – 3 children, many pets, hundreds of visitors and moves across 2 continents. The same attributes that have carried me through 3 decades in my personal relationship are necessary when dealing with clients and marketing practices.

  • Patience – Most often when dealing with people – staff, clients and suppliers alike. But also when implementing new strategies or processes. There are usually initial hiccups with anything new and untested and I find that a little patience in the fledgling stages often makes the initial implementation that much easier.
  • Perseverance – Sometimes even the best thought out practices and processes take a while to generate results. If I had a penny for every time my clients wanted immediate results from something we’ve implemented, I’d be a rich man. My wife would probably also be a lot happier as she did promise to stay with me for richer and for poorer and I’m sure she’d rather be richer-!
  • Flexibility – In relationships I’d call it compromise; in business its flexibility. When something new is implemented it may require some ‘tweaks’ before it’s successful and generates results or sales. With marketing practices we often have to tailor a campaign based on initial feedback and results. While I do recommend persevering with a project created and implemented by an expert, I would suggest that any practice should be monitored and tweaked/tailored/customised after launch. Getting it right in the initial stage is crucial and going to market is the only way to measure the feasibility and success of any venture.

There of course going to be instances along the way when clients disagree with the ideas or path presented. No amount of explaining my logic or viewpoint will convince the client otherwise. In this circumstance, I resort to the one thing that has seen me through 25 years unscathed – Don’t give up, just give in. Let them have their way and say, “Yes, dear”.

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