After what seems like an endless summer the weather has changed this past week – a cold front is sweeping across the country and there’s even been snow in some areas! A fortnight ago we were at the beach celebrating Easter and hitting the waves… now we’re bundled up in coats and sweaters and we’ve turned on the heating. It almost seems like there was no warning … the cold front hit so suddenly. We should’ve perhaps gotten out the woollies ahead of winter, but there seemed no need. All of a sudden I find myself scrambling to find last year’s warm gear as I brace for the ferry ride into work every morning.

We know that the cold weather is coming, but we get lulled into a false sense of enjoying an extended period of warm weather and then we get caught out, unprepared. This is exactly the sort of thing that happens to our clients sometimes. They can see that a traditionally quiet period looms ahead (for example December-January-February) yet they fail to adequately prepare and plan for marketing/sales activities that will enable them to generate sales/revenue during this period. When things are busy and orders are coming in it seems like the last thing clients want to think about is generating more sales and work for their teams. And yet that’s exactly the time to plan for the quieter periods because often with full teams to meet the requirements of a boom period there needs to be enough work to sustain the salaries for people during quieter months.

This is often when a documented marketing plan is a boon. When a company has a plan that has been well thought out and contains projects that meet with the overall vision and strategy for the business, with pre-approved activities, potential outcomes and budget allocation, it prevents you from scrambling when things quieten down. The value of a plan is that it has ideally been developed with input from the key players within the company and the projects have all been discussed and deliberated ahead of time. Its then up to the Marketing Director or Manager to implement the plan throughout the year. As any MD will tell you it’s important to plan ahead and to have sustainable marketing activities and campaigns running even during busy periods, so that the results are generated in time for the traditional “down periods”.

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