Having just survived another Halloween in the big smoke (is it just me or is this event getting more popular every year?) I dutifully donned a witch’s hat and cape and doled out candy to everyone who came knocking on my door, I can now turn my attention to how this has affected my marketing ideas for clients. As I bellowed the customary “boo” to the trick-or-treaters, it got me thinking about whether or not scare tactics work as a marketing ploy.

I’m not advocating giving someone a heart attack by leaping out at them with my witch’s hat on, rather, I’m thinking of going a step further than articulating a compelling reason to buy your product or service… which in turn compels them to buy your wares. I’ve long been a fan of selling “hot” products and getting people to sign up and purchase on the spot – I simply think that as a tactic, this works. It’s always easiest to sign up a new client immediately following a presentation or encounter, especially when you’ve somehow wow’d them. If you’re a salesperson who has just conducted a demonstration, then you have the most likelihood of selling your product or service to those who’ve just witnessed how it works.

The challenge arises when our clients don’t have the benefit of any face-to-face time with their target audiences, and demonstrations or presentations are not an option. Then we resort to go good old direct mail or EDM as we call it these days. Which may in fact turn out to be a Facebook ad or some other kind of social media campaign. But the crux will always remain – how are we going to sell our products or services? I think this is when Halloween comes into play – we need to convince our target audiences that unless they buy whatever we are selling now, then they will miss out on a fantastic deal (which won’t be available later). Halloween only comes around one day per year – if you dress up to go out door-knocking for candy on any other day, you may get yourself arrested. The same activity on any other day of the year is just unacceptable – it’s that day or nothing for another 12 months. We need to create that same idea with our marketing messages. Buy it right now, or miss out for another 12 months.

Car salesmen and real estate agents seem to do a particularly good job with this and I have personally succumbed to their sales pitch that unless I buy now, someone else will snap it up and I’ll miss out. I’m advocating that we do the same thing with our sales pitch. Make it compelling, make sure that the product or service has market appeal and is attractively packaged and well-priced… But in order to convert to sales, the best way forward is to convince people to buy now, or sign up now, or invest now.  I’m talking about more than a call to action. We need to go the extra step and say something other than “Available for a brief time only”. Be specific: Offer until stocks last (only 100 units on offer), Offer ends in 48 hours (RRP applies from 9 November 2017).

Whether you agree or disagree with me, give me a call or email me to discuss. Call now on 1300 384 733 or you may miss out – as I will be busy eating the remaining candy!

Written by Rebecca Laskary

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