The majority of Australian businesses value their social media channels above all else when it comes to marketing. Facebook, Twitter and the like are worthy avenues to not only engage with current customers but to also reach a much broader (and often much more profitable) audience. Reaching this audience and providing them with the right content at the right time could lead to a significant growth in profit for your business, should you get the content and timing right.

Enter Social Eazie, a simple and effective way to manage all your social media from one outlet. As well as scheduling original content through various social media channels, you can discover and follow engaging blogs and influencers that may be relevant to your audience and re-post as much content as you deem valuable. For example, you might follow articles from Entrepreneur, view one titled “5 Reasons Machine Learning Is the Future of Marketing”, re-schedule it weeks (up to months) in advance, edit the tag line so it speaks to your audience and finally, track the post analytics.

Co-founder, Peter Karanicolas has nailed the process on the head after realising that businesses were finding social media management difficult. The number one issue faced by clients was ‘I don’t know what to post’, and even if they did, they couldn’t think of 3-4 posts per day to keep a maintained social media presence in place. Searching and managing content for various channels can chew up time and resources and isn’t worthwhile for any business if it’s not done thoroughly.

Social Eazie was built around three pillars (see below) to ensure businesses could find, search and follow content that would add to their social media presence and persona.

1. Content: you can find and follow hundreds of businesses, hashtags, influencers and interests and repurpose their content for your own social channels.

2. Time: you can find content easily, publish your own content and schedule weeks in advance.

3. Ease: the UI and UX design is simple to use and easy to navigate which makes managing your social media easy.

Good communicators know how to time what they say to coincide with when their audience is most receptive. Whether it’s online or offline conversations, the end goal is to create relationships with your audience and to highlight the value of your product or service to your customers through the type of content you post.

Social Eazie encourages the relationship between business and customer and is offering a free month trial on their website, as well as a free training sessionwith co-founder Pete – so you can see for yourself how ‘eazie’ managing your social media channels can be.

Click here to learn more and chat to Pete.

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