I’m out coaching a strong sales team this week. They have been in the business a long time, and are good at what they do. But as I was pondering what advice I could give them, I came back to the simple question. What are they actually doing each week to grow their business? Every month, most of them hit their targets. But none of them move beyond that. They have become a little complacent.

Small business can be hard work. Paperwork, legislative work, accountant, more paperwork. Then I have to do the ‘actual’ work I’m paid for, being a plumber, or an accountant, coder, designer whatever. Makes for a long week doesn’t it.
So when do you actually ever get time to grow the business? It’s really important that you do get time to think about growing the business, or think about where the next job is coming from. Otherwise the bank manager will be giving me a call.
If you’re going to think about getting your business moving forward, with all the other things you have to do, it needs to be quick and easy. That’s why we understand marketing as a process. This week I do this, next week I do that, the week after I do that. When you do all that, guess what? The phone rings, and your bank manager calls to tell you how great things are looking for you.

To see if you might be going forward or backward, try this: every Friday afternoon, ask yourself “what 3 things have I done this week to move my business forward?” Write those down, and then the following week act on them.

These should be things that will expand the business, not just meeting target. It will require some diligent thought at times, but often it’s just a question of making the phone call you’ve been putting off all week (in case they say no).

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