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UQ VETS has a goal to be a world leading veterinary teaching hospital and having their graduates recognised as being amongst the best in a global market. As well, they want their clients and referring veterinarians to be the best provider of veterinary services in Australia; having a record of innovation and research that is world class.

The major challenge was taking four distinct, yet disparate entities and pulling them into a coherent brand that harnessed this effectiveness clearly. A strong brand, both internally and externally is vital to achieve the UQ VETS goal on a global scale.


We undertook our Discovery Roadmap process to better understand the competing needs and pressures of the four hospitals within UQ VETS. Dealing with four separate entities was a challenge, yet the process was flexible and adaptable enough to get the end result and the breakthrough we wanted.

We conducted our own initial research on competitors and internal and external branding to gain an overview of the perception of UQ VETS. We also interrogated high level financial data.

Following extensive analysis, we presented a Marketing Strategy Roadmap for UQ VETS overall and for each hospital, which included some initial ideas around brand positioning and some priority marketing strategies, executions and KPIs. The next stage is then to deliver that successfully.




The Marketing Discovery Roadmap provided a key breakthrough for UQ Vets, to give the entire team the confidence that indeed the brand could be positioned for incredible opportunity. In turn, that would help them achieve the major UQ Vets goal, to be seen as a world class entity. This was done by detailed work during the Discovery Roadmap and also by using all the skills of a multi-faceted team from both MDC and UQ Vets.

An example of a breakthrough came from the recognition that what was perceived as a potential threat and competitor, could actually be transformed into a very good ally going forward. Part of the execution will be working out a way for that to become a reality. Other examples were how to increase revenue per case load and how to improve efficiencies.

Having the confidence in the fact that actually, the UQ Vets brand provides incredible opportunity. Having identified that, we can build on the brand and achieve category leadership.

We approached MDC on a recommendation, as we were confronted with a number of issues. There was a perceived and growing thread from a new competitor to the market. We had four separate entities with different stakeholders which presented challenges as we wanted to develop a brand that provided world class category leadership. There were others as well. MDC provided an extensive team with different skills to help us sort through these. The insights have been excellent and they have been identified both opportunities as well as help provide a roadmap around the obstacles. More than that, their leadership will assist us in helping to deliver the outcomes that UQ Vets has identified as imperative to building the brand into a global leader in its field.

Maria RampaMarketing Director

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