Mirteq are a small company in the highly competitive Coatings business but have been around a few years and made tentative progress. How do we get out of the starting blocks, and start to get some traction in the sales arena…and so build revenue?


We ran a mini-Roadmap, which was developed from our full blown Discovery Roadmap product for larger businesses wanting to scale. It is low cost, and requires smaller input, but also generates a realistic output for a small business.
A key catch cry of small business is the need to get organised to win – how do we enable the Business Head to move out from being chief cook and bottle washer, to undertaking some activity that will move the company along. Even if that’s only a few notches at a time.

This is exactly the state that Keith Mackenzie, CEO of Mirteq found himself in. Amongst the myriad of tasks I need to do, how do I find time to do just a few that are going to move the dial and grow the business?



Getting Going

The mini-Roadmap produces just a handful of strategic imperatives that will get a business going. This isn’t some lofty ideal on a page, but activities with simple timelines, responsibilities and outcomes, but ones that are of strategic importance

Free CRM

The introduction of a simple, free CRM that pulled together a database into a single repository, and enabled us to begin some simple automation of marketing output

Resource Plan

A resource plan, with who was responsible for what over the next 90 day, 6 and 12 months with cost allocation – at last, the CEO could have some breathing space, knowing that competent others were taking up the reins


Identification of just a few markets that could be targeted harder, so moving away from the scattergun approach

I had been struggling to get to grips with the sales and marketing side of the business – how do you sort out the bombardment of emails you receive everyday with this offer or that one. Which one will work, if any? For any small company wanting a decluttered marketing and sales strategy, with ongoing support from highly accomplished Specialists on a part time basis, I would recommend contacting Michael and his team.

Keith MackenzieCEO

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