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Our client is a well-respected, multiple award-winning that has built a strong reputation over 20+ years. As part of a strategic review to reignite stagnant growth, the client embarked on an ambitious programme to refresh its marketing, product and sales approach.

The brief for Marketing Specialists was to challenge thinking, which in turn would lead to a growth in the number of customers, improved awareness amongst customers and the breadth of the product range customers were using.


After running a Discovery Roadmap session with the Leadership Team to identify key areas of attention, a CMO was engaged to deliver on the outcomes. The Roadmap process provided plenty of insights into both the business, the customers and end consumers.

A key issue in the business was to create value through combining products. This was critical as it gave the customers real value in products that they received as part of a package that could be then, on sold. It provided an entry point into sales for new customers and allowed us to move customers through to a broader product range.

Part of the solution was to transition to our clients to see past the notion that stock is only for sale, particularly when stock is deteriorating and has a use-by date. Instead, we began to creatively mix a variety of product into packaging that enabled us to give much better value to customers without always discounting. This also enabled us to help manage stock levels more effectively.




The industry is beginning to see Labios as a leader in marketing innovation, meeting client needs creatively and commercially.


41 new clients were added throughout the period and are now progressively being introduced to a wider range of clients.


A growing number of those clients are becoming platinum customers and using top-tier products across the range.


Stock is being better managed. Products are now being combined to maximise gross profit and create real value to clients


We better understand the consumers as a result and are able to tailor ongoing communication and product match to a greater degree.

Like many, we wondered initially what Strategic Specialists would bring us; more 'digital marketing' and more expense? The Discovery Roadmap process was an excellent foundation. We looked at our business through a commercial marketing and sales lens, with barely a mention of digital tactics. The attention was very much on our brand; specifically the sustainable difference we have in the marketplace and which activities in both sales and marketing would help us get the breakthroughs we were after. Our CMO took the lid off the real value of stock and how we could use that to differentiate ourselves. They then set about rolling up their sleeves and delivering on everything we agreed in the Roadmap process. In the process we have made real progress.

CEO, La Biosthetique

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