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Our client had a new sales manager in place, who performed at the very top level as a sales person, but lacked some of the experience in leading a team. Also, the sales process was built internally from the ground up, and needed a review from an outside expert with experience. Commissions were out of whack, and were taking extra administration, and the sales team needed upskilling and ongoing assessment.


Our Sydney-based Sales Director, was engaged on an intensive basis initially to work with the Sales Manager. Using our proprietary model, we quickly got to uncovering some of the core issues, issues that we see every day. As an example, the Sales Manager had no formal training and had found the transition from a sales role to a leadership role, exhausting. As much as anything, it was also a confidence issue, am I up to the task?

We also worked hard on inputting into the sales team, and refined it down through a mix of proper training, formal KPIs and ongoing management and assessment. The tools the SD Centre has in place enable us to properly assess a team ongoing, and work on where best to put efforts. We fixed a number of processes along the way. Most of all though, we were able to get the entire team focused on sales and achieving targets. The end result is very satisfactory.


In a word, CONFIDENCE. Now our client had a road map to the future.



Average year on year sales were much improved; in one month, sales were up 80% on the same month the previous year, and every month since our engagement had shown an improvement;


Confidence for the Sales Manager to lead her team;


A reduction in administration of 1 day / month due to streamlined commission structure;


Correctly structured management meetings ongoing, that enabled proper assessment and management of the team;


Once this was in place, we were able to assess the team, and streamlined the territories to both reduce costs and improve performance;


Creation of a plan for 2018 and ongoing that will enhance profitability even further

I needed to know how to grow the business, having never been a sales manager before and to be honest I felt a little helpless. As part of the family business, I also had a lot to prove and so wanted to make sure that I could do this part of the role. I was skeptical at first, but after meeting with both Michael and Garret, I decided to at least give a Sales Director a try. We started with the structure of how the sales team worked, then we went through the commissions. As a company we are extremely happy with what has happened over the last 9 months; our team has grown, our sales have grown, our profits have grown and I have gone from being motivated to now being the motivator. I would highly recommend anyone considering SDC, give Michael a call, you won’t be disappointed

WENDY WIDDICOMBENational Sales Manager

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