Increase market share and consumer awareness

Step 01.

01. Challenge

Step 02.

02. Solution

Step 03.

03. Results


A private, not-for-profit university briefed our CMO specialist to lead strategies and execute plans to position a premium brand, achieving both increased market share and increased consumer awareness.


Led a business review of the strategy and operations for customer acquisition of domestic and international future students. Based on the outcomes and insights from the review, designed strategy, resources and operations to manage risk for short-term enrolments, pipeline growth and reputation for brand and customer experience.


Channel Strategies

Established and led cross-divisional and cross-functional teams to review and analyse existing sales channel strategies and design channel strategies to achieve student population diversity and program mix objectives:
- International articulations and institutional partnership strategy for internationalisation
- International study abroad and exchange strategy for student mobility
- Agent management strategy for top 10, +100 international markets and on-shore international
- Pathways, programs and partners, and English language for Admissions requirements (i.e. IELTS, ELICOS)
- Program development (e.g. EU Gap-semester Programs)


Aligned resources with strategy through role promotion, creating new positions, shifting contract roles to FTE headcount, managing performance, recruiting new staff and implementing an organisation change process.


Reviewed operations and introduced processes and procedures to align with strategy and efficiency and effectiveness programs to increase lead conversion and acquisition, such as:
- Cost management procedures and guidelines for a predominantly mobile workforce
- Procedures to qualify genuine customer leads as GTE from markets assessed as high immigration risk by the DIBP for the student visa program and to manage the Institution risk profile
- Digital marketing programs for education agents in + 100-markets
- CRM data cleanse of local and international articulations partnerships aligned with Faculties



Channel Strategies

Individual channel strategies defined the richest sources of leads with the highest probability of conversion to an enrolment as a sales measure.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Integration of the channel strategies into a single over-arching sales and marketing strategy focused teams on who to target with what product, where activity would drive the greatest return, when activity should be scheduled for the different customer groups and range of acquisition channels and how best to reach the future student, customer, partner, agent, school or organisation.

High Growth Year by Year

The initial result was customer growth of 13% YoY vs growth of 4.5% YoY the prior year, with average tuition fees in excess of AUD$140k.
What does this mean for you? If you have considered a review of channel strategies or operations could identify business improvements to increase performance, compliance, efficiency, effectiveness, reputational ranking, partner satisfaction or the future student experience, our CMO expert can lead projects to deliver brand, service and revenue objectives.

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