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The client is a mid-sized family business, now running into the 3rd generation. Bunnings, the major hardware self serve retailer in Australia was looking to revitalise the entire category, and tentatively invited our client to pitch. The client was told they were an outside chance, being smaller than their competitors, and with a less well-known brand in the marketplace.


One of MDCs top CMOs, with a strong background in both wholesale and retail engaged extensively on the project. There were several areas of focus;

  • Moving the brand communications from product to customer centric. This included a relaunch of packaging and all merchandising collateral communications that came about through a thorough understanding of our end user. Rather than just talking about product features, we shifted the focus to customer benefits. The brand had to function in a retail self-serve environment.
  • Creating new ‘Value’ packs that were relevant to end users and fitted with the whole Bunnings concept of creating promotions to attract new users to the welding category.
  • As an example, we created the starter pack, which maximised more SKUs and met those new to the methods with a complete pack to enable them to be up and running. Simple yet effective;
  • Redesign of the Bunnings bay to aid in self-selection. This included display boards that were effective user guides, videos using on-pack QR- codes that could be scanned in-store and an Identity board that allowed a user to determine the tools they needed for the specific job in hand.


The client ended up winning the tender and is now the exclusive category distributor
within all Bunnings stores. This effectively doubled the size of their business.



Their brand has now shifted to the role of “Category Captain” – which means that it leads the pack and will drive innovation across the entire sector;


Creating customer centric systems in place that now allow us to research customers ongoing, which in turns feeds back into product and market development;


Creation of a long term marketing plan that will drive business across both the Bunnings brand and the established customer base.

Greg Lowe and Marketing Director Centre were an integral part of our securing the Bunnings distribution for our brand. With their help, we were able to look afresh at what our brand stood for, and relaunch the brand as a category captain. In the process, we have set ourselves up to be able to research literally thousands of end users ongoing, and in doing so position our business to react efficiently to customer needs, as well as now being able to inform them about the benefits of our brand.”

CAMERON SINCLAIRNational Sales and Marketing Manager

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