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The Concept of Freelance

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Freelance has acquired a new status in the Australian workforce, concurrently with a global trend where more and more organisations are utilising contractors and temporary employees to achieve key outcomes.

This is due to the rise of the sharing or the ‘peer-to-peer’ economy and is one of the fastest growing models of employment. While it was once limited to Airbnb, Uber and Air-tasker; this sharing and self-promoting model has now made its way into the workforce, disrupting traditional consultancies as well as the traditional ‘in-house’ model.

The advantages of the ‘Freelancer’ model include:

Higher Standard: The Peer to Peer (P2P) market means that small to medium sized businesses can get access to a greater range of services and it means projects or tasks can be professionally outsourced to a higher standard (both inside and outside of regular business hours).

Specific Skill Set: In an age where there is so much to master, professionals with expertise in specific areas can bring high value to any business. Your business can gain access to project-based specialists who are skilled in specific areas such as; SEO, Digital Marketing, Branding, Lead Generation, Pitching or Selling.

Fresh Viewpoint: External specialists bring a fresh set of analytical eyes. They’re here to improve your business and as their future depends on positive results and feedback, they’re more determined than ever to make it work.

Deliver a Breakthrough: The beauty of Marketing and Sales Director Centre is that we deliver a specific IP and help clients ‘change the record’. With a dedicated and accountable Part-time Sales or Marketing Director, your business can break free of the rut (limited time, resources and/or loss of direction). We are committed to helping your business change tack, improve on all fronts and your part time specialist will stay with you until you see the results.

Our business is leading the way in the sharing model, with our top-flight Chief Marketing and/or Sales Officers working as ‘freelancers’ within small to medium Australian businesses. We are a team of Australia’s leading specialists, who have a great deal of Sales and Marketing experience, who favour our model’s flexibility, the challenge it brings and the client variation. Moreover, our specialists like that they are responsible for out-comes, not just for a strategy or advice. In fact, we avoid the word ‘consulting’.

For now, if any of this is of interest and you would like to talk to us about how your business can breakthrough to the next stage, then please get in touch. You can connect with us in any number of ways. We are helping literally hundreds of businesses around Australia get the growth they want.

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Written by Rebekah Butler and Tony Collett