The World’s Best Sales Ad

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This legendary B2B ad is from a time when women were apron-wearing housewives, men smoked pipes and wore suspenders, and the web was the domain of the 8-legged – but it is just as relevant today. If you cross out the McGraw Hill and insert your name, could it be you? If your business is struggling to convert sales, then this brings the problem closer to home. Maybe it is you, we all need to heed the message.

First appearing in 1958, the ad may be old but the premise remains the same; before anyone will buy from you, they will trust you. Before they trust you, they need to like you, and before they like you, they must know you. We call it the ‘Trio of Trust’ and all marketing should be fulfilling that role. When the marketing function is running well and the Trio of Trust is effective, sales conversion happens.